Doorbell Barbers Signature Haircut ($60)

Doorbell Barbers signature haircut presented in the location of your choosing, featuring scissors & clippers paired with a straight razor shave around your exterior edges. Service includes 100% green/organic products. 

Beard Trim ($45)

Leave your beard sculpting to the professionals. Doorbell Barbers will analyze your beard growth, face shape and hair texture to create a flawless looking beard. We will use a combination of clippers and scissors along with beard oil, beard balm and witch hazel to achieve your beard goals in the comfort of your home. 

Safety Razor Shave ($45)

A service designed to offer a quick and efficient shave using a safety razor & electric shaver to get your face looking "BBS" (Baby Bottom Smooth). (Best for Seniors)

Doorbell Barbers MANicure & Pedicure ($150)

Hands say a lot about a man. With a polish free buff, clip, and file our MANicure & Pedicure adds the finishing touch to a well groomed man.  (90 minutes)

Doorbell Barbers Hospital Visit ($105)

If your loved one is in the hospital and needs a boost of confidence, Doorbell Barbers will make that happen. Our hospital visit includes a haircut, shave and mini facial. (Doorbell Barbers is HIPAA compliant & fully insured/bonded to enter hospital facilities).  

Children with Special Needs & Considerations Haircut ($50)

Doorbell Barbers is proud to provide service to children in the Autistic community and the disabled in your home. Our services provide your child the comfort & safety of an environment your child is familiar with. Our nurturing staff is trained to accommodate any child and work patiently to deliver a high quality service. (As much time as needed)


Each service is accompanied by a selection of hand selected 100% organic products, a music playlist and straight razor shave around your exterior edges. 

*All of our tools are sanitized with organic/green friendly products prior to service and each client receives a fresh cape & towel. 




I’ve never been someone who loves going to a traditional barbershop, so I was intrigued to try this service. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by how easy and nice it was to have my hair cut in the convenience of my home. There was no mess at all, which was one worry of mine, and the barber’s personality made him enjoyable to have around, another worry of mine to be frank. I’m a fan of this new service for sure.
— Chris Alesevich, Shelton, CT