Greetings friends,

It's been a labor of love creating this service and I'm psyched to share it with you today.

Over the past 14 months, I found myself doing things that were unexpected and surprisingly invigorating.

I left a stable corporate gig to study cosmetology. I went from the business world to beauty school at 29 years old. The majority of students in my program were fresh out of high school and I was the only guy there. I learned perms, pin curls, finger waves, extensions, random nail & skin infectious diseases, haircutting, and color & styling techniques over a 12-month intensive.  I apprenticed at the finest barbershops and salons in the state, attended workshops/trade shows across the East coast, passed my state boards, got hired at an upscale men’s salon...and then came to the realization that I wanted to start a company.

After dozens of blow drys and women's haircuts, I knew I wanted to specialize in men's service. I'm more passionate about barbering, just like my grandfather who ran a barbershop in Bridgeport for more than 40 years. So I traded in the curling iron for the razor blade. I began to offer my services to people at home and quickly became more busy outside the shop than in it. Then it clicked; there was something stirring, an idea to experiment with, a company to build.

And so, an on-call, where you want, when you want, personalized men’s grooming service business was born.

I’m thrilled to introduce to you my new company, Doorbell Barbers.

Doorbell Barbers is about taking care of people.  We are going to bring service to your home, your office, the nursing home, your sick parent in the hospital, to your kids in the backyard while you’re making dinner, and to your wedding day.

This company  is the culmination of everything I feel I do well. I enjoy the intimacy of one-on-one dialogue, I love serving as host and catering, and I appreciate not being in the same place everyday.  Furthermore, in this new endeavor, I get to be creative in my work and return to the startup world.

 I designed the site to be sleek and relaxing. Additionally, the booking process is customized by and for you. From your haircut preferences to the music you want playing while I work, it's about your comfort.

This launch wouldn't be possible without the help and support of my friends, Chris Alesevich, Matt Bednarsky, Michael Donnarummo and Dylan Feldmeier. They pushed me, combed through my content, tested my software and offered their time for free to help a friend with a bunch of free haircuts along the way.

Special thanks to the staff at Sono Academy, especially Nick Jardin, Nikki Dunnay & Christine Desantis who worked endlessly to see me through, friends Erik & Cheryl Paul, Leah & Mike Cybart, Hunter Stolze, The Twisted Vine Restaurant, Brian Reed, Andrew Hutton, Gino & Mike L’Altrella, my mom and dad, sister Caitlin and her husband Tim Jurkowski, Danielle Savignano, Aunt Debbie & Uncle Marc and everyone who encouraged me.

Thank you,



Doorbell Barbers, LLC