Doorbell Barbers provides haircuts at home

You’re only as good as your last haircut. — Fran Lebowitz

Christian Iannucci wants to give that next haircut and make it last. He is willing to travel to do it, even to your home.

Iannucci is owner of Doorbell Barbers, LLC, a barber business created to provide a customized grooming service.

Iannucci training is as a cosmetologist, but he relates more to cutting men’s hair. He is trading in his curling iron for a razor blade, he said.

Doorbell Barbers provides grooming service to men, children, seniors, and corporations for an at-home or at-work experience.

Iannucci currently has three corporate clients, from Greenwich to New Haven. He said the corporations provide his service to employees as a work incentive, similar to other work incentives like gyms or yoga.

Doorbell Barber services can include a haircut, beard grooming, straight razor shave, or back or neck waxing.

He is proud of the service he provides.

“I get to be creative in my work and have dialogue throughout the day,” Iannucci said. “Nothing makes men feel more confident throughout the day.”

The entrepreneur said he is also proud to be a barber because he is following after his grandfather’s profession, who was a barber in Bridgeport.

“My grandfather ran a barbershop for more than 40 years,” he said. “His name is Joe Iannucci, and the name of it was the Mail Room.”

Doorbell Barber, a start-up business, subcontracts with four other barbers when the work gets too busy for him to handle alone.

He emphasizes that his barber service is an experience that clients purchase, as opposed to just showing up in a shop. He said the client gets to design a custom home experience by booking an appointment online. They can choose hairstyle or other grooming services along with picking music, and a drink.

For busy parents or parents of multiple boys who need haircuts, they can arrange for Doorbell Barber to come to their home. Their children can get their haircuts comfortably and conveniently at home, which is more relaxing than an afternoon of sitting and waiting with bored boys.

He has also provided service to gentlemen in hospital recovery, and he said it’s “incredibly satisfying.”

He is currently working on becoming an approved vendor with the Yale/New Haven network which could be a huge win for Doorbell Barbers but also a win for patients looking for additional care in the hospital. He is intending to partner with local hospitals, hospice care centers and nursing homes.

Doorbell Barber will also come to a home and prepare a groom and his groomsmen for a wedding.

Their websites states how they can help men pull off that special day.

“The night before or day of the wedding, we bring our team to sharpen up the gents. With our straight razor shaves, haircuts, and styling tips, the groom and his party will be shining for the main event and photo shoots.”

They make the day as special for the groom as for the bride.

“We’re great at tying bowties and we won’t forget the cigars, bourbon, and music.”    

Prices for weddings can be viewed online, however, for normal at home basic cuts for boys ages two years to 14, the price is $25; ages 15 to 64 is $40, and seniors age 65 and over is $25.

Men choosing a straight razor shave pay $30, and a combination of a straight shave with a haircut is $60. Prices for men’s waxing services are $20 for neck or $80 for back.

Iannucci said customers can book an appointment directly online at, or they can call 203-521-8450 for an appointment.

He is offering a promotion to coincide with his start-up. He said the promo code is 20DoorBell15 for 25% off the first service.

He said the promo code and discount can be applied at checkout or on their website to access the discount.