Doorbell Barbers: It's Not just a Haircut, It's An Experience

By Elisha Neubauer

In today's society, everyone enjoys on-demand services. Companies are popping up across the country offering on-demand, app-orderable services that come to you where you stand, making impulse purchases a common place thing. Christian Iannucci, founder of Doorbell Barbers, saw these services and knew he had to get into the trend in a groundbreaking way.

"In the summer of 2015, I founded Doorbell Barbers, LLC, after being inspired by companies like Uber, Task Rabbit, and Shyp that were leading the trend in on-demand services," Iannucci told us. "I saw the need for on-call barber services at home, at the office, or on the go, and with the help of my team, Doorbell Barbers was born!"

Iannucci didn't get into the business on a wild whim, though. The Iannucci family has many ties to the industry, with his grandfather, Joe Iannucci, working for more than thirty years as a barber in the Bridgeport, Connecticut area.

When it comes to people who utilize the service?well, it's just about every class of person imaginable. "We found a big hole in the market for home service and determined that our target audience was very much under served," states Iannucci. "Our services are most popular with millennials, empty nesters & seniors who require home service due to psychical limitations."

Having launched less than a year ago, Iannucci and Doorbell Barbers have seen tremendous growth, with over two thousand completed services in the short time period. "Our goal is to scale this service nationwide through franchising," he affirms. "I want to be offering service across the state by the end of the year and bring on 20 to 30 new staff members. After that, who knows where we will go?"

Iannucci's biggest statement, which you can find in several places across his website, is this: "We don't deliver just haircuts- we deliver an experience." An experience which is fully tailored and customizable to the client's needs?allowing guests to select the music, style, products, and an array of other individual tailoring. In addition, they offer online booking in under 60 seconds and flexible times.

Since launching, Iannucci has added several new barbers and a handful of unique packages, including beauty parlor services, such as makeup and blowouts, for wedding parties. He also schedules visits to assisted care facilities and nursing homes, completing group services at a senior discounted rate.