We're entering the on-demand economy, men are looking for more personalized services, delivered to their door, on their time. We're apart of a resurgence of "Old Word" meets "New World", we are bringing back a time honored tradition into the marketplace. Home service is where the trade originated and we are proud to provide this very needed & niche service.  Whether we are providing service to homebound seniors or the busy Executive Dad on the go, Doorbell Barbers is about taking care of the people. 

Doorbell Barbers offers the unique opportunity to get of the shop and work in the field. If you are a contractor at your shop/salon, you have the right to set your own hours and work with clients on the side during down time. We offer flexible hours and you can set your own schedule. We have adopted the "Uber" model being "work where you want, when you want". 

The barbershop/salon business is structured to benefit the owner- and it should be. They've taken on the risk of signing a lease, investing their own money into the business, covering your insurance/ taxes and all the hours you don't see behind the scenes.

But we know the high cost of your tuition, the time you spent perfecting your craft, sacrifices you made to do what you love--we did the same thing. We are sympathetic to you "the employee" because we've been there.

That's why we are disrupting the salon/barbershop business and putting more money in your pocket. Since we don't carry a costly rent/operating expense- we are flipping the commission split and giving you more money/freedom in your day. 

As a company, we partner with corporate clients, hotels, senior centers, hospitals and wedding planners to keep you busy! 

Doorbell Barbers is seeking professional and passionate talent to join our team in Westchester, Fairfield, New Haven & Hartford County. View our open positions below. 




  • Experienced in men's barbering, shears, clippers and straight razor shaving
  • Love to meet new people and consider yourself a naturally curious individual 
  • At least 2 years' experience working in a barbershop/salon 
  • Looking for a unique opportunity to get out of the shop and travel
  • Valid license and means of transportation 
  • 60 % commission plus tips.  
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